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It's Oscars Time.....

...and true to my usual behaviour, I am watching as many of the Oscar-Nominated films as possible :D

Oh by the way... yes, yes this is a real post :D I know, shocking isn't it? ;) So we all have about a month to see as many as possible - so a schedule is coming up and I'll try to stick to it as much as possible (money depending).

OK... here we are with the nominations, the ones I have seen are in StrikethroughCollapse )


This is not Venusian... BHBABCP9FN8K - just because I can

Kitschmas Countdown 2010 - Day 25!!!!

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Kitschmas Countdown 2010 - Day 20

Eric Cartman singing 'Oh Holy Night'"

Not embedded on LJ because the code is disabled for some reason.

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Kitschmas Countdown 2010 - Day 7

Vale! The Man from The Moon

(29 May 1921 – 6 December 2010)

A contemporary of Normal Lindsay and Emil Mercier, Norm Heatherington worked with both these talented artists while working for The Bulletin Magazine, after a stint in World War II. His foray into puppetry was by accident when he allegedly saw instructions on how to make them from old inner-tubes in an issue of Popular Science Monthly Magazine.

He took his puppetry into the public arena in the late 1950's when he made a short lived series for the ABC called "Nicky & Noodle", which was followed by a Channel 7 series a year later called "Jolly Gene and his Fun Machine". Two years later he pitched a story idea back to the ABC, about a Moon-Man who came to visit Earth and made drawings from inexplicable squiggles on paper. The series was supposed to be a short-lived filler, but instead lasted 40 Years until 1999. That series was "Mr Sqiggle". Squiggle, along with his spaceship Rocket, was joined by a curmudgeonly easle named Blackboard and a fun-loving accident prone Bill Steam-Shovel for a weekly show, which delighted children and adults alike. All scripts for the show were written by Norman's wife, Margaret.

Not only was Heatherington a cartoonist and illustrator of note, but as most would realise, he manipulated Mr Squiggle and drew most of his 'squiggles' upside down from behind and above the backdrop of the ABC set. Heatherington is also credited by many with creating the character of "Emu" for Rod Hull, who took it to Channel Nine in Sydney for "The Super Flying Fun Show" Children's Morning program.

As a very personal note: When I was 5, my grandmother took me to Grace Brothers Broadway (the current Broadway Shopping Centre) where 'Mr Sqiggle' was appearing 'Live'. They performed a live 'episode' of the show every 2 hours, and as a birthday present, Mr Squiggle drew me a train, made out of the number 5 (for my age). It's one of my fondest memories, and I hope it is still around my 'archives' somewhere.

Norman received several honours and awards, including the Penguin Award in 1984, and 1989, from the Television Society of Australia. He was also awarded an Order of Australia in 1990 for 'service to children's television and puppetry, the (COFA) Dean's Award for Excellent in Art, and the coveted Jim Russell Award for his Outstanding Contribution to Australian Cartooning.

Heatherington died December 6th, after long illness. He was 89.

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Holy Crap here comes Beaker!


Kitschmas Countdown 2010 - Day 1

We start with a Fortress favourite from last year:


It's almost upon us :)

Well hello there, my Unconventional Conventionsts!

I know, I know, it's a little behind - well only slightly - but we've all been working on it and we are VERY happy to say that, thanks to the fabulous fetish people at über Services... and a brilliant cast... Rocky Horror LIVES ON in Sydney!!...

Yes, yes, I know, it's a shock to the system, but a little exposure to the Sonic Oscillator will soon put that right. So, come on up and join us for our next show at The Chauvel Cinema, in Paddington, 9pm, on Saturday, May 22nd, 2010.

Tickets ARE onsale NOW through the über Services Rocky Horror page and also just rock on up to The Chauvel Box Office and buy them there (or call them on 02 9361 5398 and just book on the phone, they won't bite... much).

There's all the things you remember about Rocky, all the things you used to be able to do inside, and many you may not remember. We've revved it up, popped in a few new springs, tightened the wingnuts, straightened the seamed stockings and amped up the volume.

It's monthly on the 4th Saturday of the month AND we now have an OFFICIAL After-Party venue just down the road, thanks to the Biohazard Green folk at Shallow Nation - ALL Rocky attendees get a $5 entry to the After Party EVERY month (but...you must present your Rocky tickets at the Shallow Nation door for the special entry price).

Come along and check us out... You'll love what we've done with the old Queen ;)

...the countdown has begun...

In a move which will have some music promoters up in arms, not to mention students decrying the woes of a conservative swing of the moral pendulum, The Manning Bar in Sydney University, once host of events such as 'Club Lush', 'The Rubber Ball', and bands such as 'Deathstars' and 'Necro', will be changing their entertainment policy to reflect a less-edgey clientel. Also in their proposed operational changes, the University Union will be stopping any 'All Ages' gigs at The Manning Bar, which seems to be both at the behest of the University itself, and pressure from the Police and the NSW Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing.

This means that promoters who place popular (imported or local) acts into the Manning Bar will not be able to count on gigs which cater to a wider-age-ranging fan base to make a profit (let along break even) easily. It also amounts to a censorship of performance policy whereas the Union appears to be coming into line, following the Universities recent attempts to re-brand itself as an Australian 'Ivy League' institution. Thus ensuring that there will be little associated with the venue which could tarnigh that image.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Student's Union has all but abolished the position of 'Entertainment Manager' making those tasks redundant as the Union itself is apparently now handling all the entertainment bookings and will be spending the next (undertermined) period of time re-assessing their guidelines for accepting entertainment acts at the venue.

Cited reasons, by a Student Union representative, for the policy shift include cases of 'violence and alcohol related issues. It seems that once again, the acts of a few have made it difficult for the many to enjoy themselves... I also have to ask what of the 'fetish' events? Is this perhaps some insidious censorship creep associated with (or somehow linked to) the recent Internet censorship debacle still be pushed by the woefully misguided Senator Conroy? Perhaps authorities think that they see the writing on the leather-clad wall and so have decided to push the margin a little to see what the 'give' is... or perhaps I'm just jumping at shadows.....

Either way, it seems that another All Ages venue (and indeed being another 'fetish'-friendly venue) has now been closed to the wider audience.

Original story:

The Oscar Nominations are out :)

Yes it was an early morning - and bleary-eyed I sat in front of my PC, hooked into the TV to watch the nomination streaming from Hollywood (well the main nominations anyway, they never 'announce' all of them in the telecast, just the major ones).

Note: No Australians up for any Major Awards this year... and I was surprised that "The Cat Piano" did not get nominated for Best Short Film (Animated) (for that matter neither did any Pixar short-film), although the Australian "Miracle Fish" did get a nod for Best Short Film (Live Action) (and it's REALLY very good).

So without further ado - and realising that I will need to now schedule the sydneyscreening showings of the nominated films...

Here is the list of Oscar Nominated films for the 82nd Academy AwardsCollapse )

Wow... James Cameron Vs his ex-wife Katheryn Bigelow... 10 films nominated for Best Picture (not the first time, however, as it used to be that back int he 30's), lots of films to see... this will be a fun ride for the next month.

Hey, illdrinn! You ready?! :D

Just to note:

I have not recently sent, nor authorised, any repetitive emails/requests from WooMe.com to be sent out. I am no longer, since last year, a member of that site due to their habit of sending out unauthorised emails from my old account, which amounts to an apparent spamming practice).

So, if you recieve any further emails purportedly from me inviting you to 'WooMe.com', please note: I am not a member, I have made several requests for cessation which have gone (apparently) unheeded. Therefore, as there is nothing further I can do about this issue, please direct any further complaints directly to Messrs George Berkowski ( http://www.facebook.com/berkowski ) and/or Stephen Stokols ( http://www.facebook.com/stokols )(the developers - both can be found through attached Facebook urls), as repeated emails to the WooMe.com website complaints links (and email addresses) have so far not been addressed nor acknowledged.

[Edited: 2:21pm]
Reply from Stephen Stokols:
Re: Spamming Problems with WooMe (which have so far been unheeded)
Apologies, will have someone handle your email issue asap. woome is migrating to a new email service provider and synching lists between the 2 caused issues which I thought were 100 percent resolved but apparantly still edge cases so thanks for raising direct.